Leonardo Zangrando

Leonardo Zangrando – Impact Coach

I work with people who want to leave a mark on the world in Ocean Sustainability and other global challenges. They are like powerful waves in the Ocean. But there’s only so much that a wave can grow.

I help them go beyond their past successes and multiply their impact exponentially. I help them become powerful like the Ocean.

Even highly successful people have unspoken fears and frustrations that hold them back from achieving a much greater impact. I help them uncover their highest, unthinkable aspirations and realise them to leave a mark through what they love. I work with them to

  • gain clarity of their own End Result
  • discover their unique individual approach to it
  • uncover their power to multiply their Impact

I work One-to-One with individual clients and run Impact Mastermind Groups, with integrity, transparency and out-of-the-box thinking, to help them achieve an exponential impact on all of their highest, unthinkable aspirations.

(I work with clients in English, Spanish and Italian)

Who is Leonardo

I am a profoundly curious creative thinker with a bias for action. I always ask myself Why-What-How: “Why things are how they are, what can we do to change them for the better, how can we take action now?“

I am known in the maritime sector as the founder of Startup Wharf, the first ever niche community of maritime startups, which has become a reference for the industry, helping startups make the maritime sector more sustainable.

I have repeatedly been a trailblazer in adopting technical innovation, process innovation and business innovation that eventually became new standards.

  • I was the first to adopt digital technologies to design a ship’s hull in a way that made its manufacturing a great deal cheaper.
  • I was the first to bring the Lean Startup concepts to Europe and launched a Lean Startup entrepreneurship course in parallel with the first similar course by Steve Blank in Silicon Valley.
  • I turned around complex operations in a container terminal running 24/7 by successfully changing the infrastructure, tools and operating model on the go.

A Curious Creative Thinker With a Bias for Action

When I was a child I used to read a lot and asked millions of why and how questions. I was always thinking how to make things. As a pastime with my cousins, we would design and build new board games for us to play when we got tired of the existing ones. I always kept my hands dirty by inventing and making objects using wood, steel, aluminium. The emotion of seeing an object that I envisioned, take shape under my hands is indescribable. The joy of using it day after day is ineffable.

I am a visionary who’s often been called a romantic by my colleagues, and I always took it as a compliment! Of course I have also been misunderstood, taken advantage of, betrayed, and at times bullied. That’s a price that I would pay again and again to be able to do the things that I did in my life.

The few times in my career when I chose money over passion I paid a hefty price. I need to follow my passion to gain the most, both personally and financially! Today I have a couple of moonshots that I want to achieve (who knows what will come next!):

  • I want to achieve an exponential impact on Ocean Sustainability and Decarbonisation
  • I want to sail solo on a route that no-one ever sailed before…

They Said About Me

“I had the privilege of working with Leonardo while he participated in a mentoring partnership through Everwise. His protégé had very unique challenges. Leonardo, as his mentor, was able to provide him with expertise that can only be found in the most authentic and innovative leaders. Leonardo’s contagious energy and emotional intelligence make him a valuable asset in the technology industry and beyond. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work with Leonardo to take it - he is one of the best!"

– Stephanie Singer (at the time, Experience Manager at Everwise)

“It was a real pleasure to work with Leonardo recently delivering a ‘Food For Thought’ talk for the BBC Academy.

We seek out the most inspirational and exciting people to deliver talks and workshops on thought leadership and change in the digital world to our staff, and Leonardo’s vast expertise and enthusiasm for helping teams and organisations harness change and find better ways of working really shone through.

I’ve had some brilliant feedback since and several hundred people have watched his talk on the BBC internal website, as well as several senior managers getting in touch to ask if he can run bespoke sessions with their teams.

From initial preparation to final delivery, it was a really collaborative and positive experience to work with Leonardo, and I’d have no hesitation recommending him as a great inspirational speaker for organisations that want to get ahead in a fast changing business environment.

His insights into how businesses and start-ups are changing and how we can embrace those new ways of working and create a new culture for organisations were particularly timely and inspiring.

I hope to work with Leonardo in the future, and thank him kindly for the effort and energy he put into making this event a success."

– Mel Rodriguez, Founder & Creative Director at Gritty Talent

“Leonardo gave an inspiring presentation to BBC delegates at Google Campus, showing us how big organisations can act like start-ups. ‘Fail fast, learn fast.'"

– Sue Ellis, Assistant Editor at BBC

“Leonardo and I have been working together for 6 months, where he has been coaching me on a personal level to develop myself in areas I want to grow. He has been a great partner in doing so, constantly challenging my current vision and often sharing inspiring thoughts that made me grow my thinking in different directions. If you want to grow your mindset and you’re looking for a professional partner to assist you with that, Leonardo is your man."

– Bert Marievoet, Managing founder at Native Nation

“I worked with Leonardo when he was the lead Italian trainer for the global roll-out of a hospital selling skills training programme. He received excellent ratings as a trainer and was well-liked by the client.

Leonardo’s unique strength is that he has both an entrepreneurial spirit and highly analytical mind. He is imaginative, innovative and not afraid of taking risks. But at the same time his rational, analytical side is reassuring. On top of that, his sense of humour and excellent interpersonal skills make him a real pleasure to work with."

– Mary Kwan, Regional Director Asia Pacific Executive Education at INSEAD (at the time, Partner at Agalio)